Multifactor Authentication Security Feature

Miners Exchange Bank is proud to deliver the highest level of security for our online banking customers. We have an additional layer of security for our log in process which is known as multifactor authentication. This helps ensure that your information is as secure as possible, protecting you from fraud and identity theft.

Multifactor Authentication is a protocol that requires two independent ways to establish identity and privileges. Common requirements of two-factor authentication use “something you know”, “something you have”, or “something you are”. A common example is your ATM debit card; the card itself is the physical "something you have" item, and the personal identification number (PIN) is the "something you know" that goes with it.

Premier MFA Device Print Solution - All consumer and commercial Online Banking customers that DO NOT use cash management products (ACH and Wire Transfer) will use our Premier MFA Device Print Solution. When you enroll for our online banking service you will select an image and password unique to you. Whenever you log into the Online Banking System, Miners Exchange Bank will identify you and you will identify Miners Exchange Bank by displaying the image and password that you selected. This image will assure you that you are at the true Miners Exchange Bank website.

Vasco Security Token - Business Internet banking customers using Cash Management features (ACH and Wire Transfer) will receive in the mail a small device called a “DP260 Token” along with instructions on activation. A token is a small non-connecting device that generates one-time random passwords (OTP), which is used in conjunction with your PIN when accessing the Online Banking System. The DP260 Token is one of the highest levels of security and will help ensure that your information is secure.