Message from the President

As the Coronavirus continues to plague the nation, I wanted to personally reach out to our customer base to ensure you that Miners Exchange Bank is doing everything we can to protect our customers, employees and the communities that we serve. It is our intention to remain open to the public unless conditions deteriorate to the point that social distancing becomes necessary.
Our bank’s balance sheet is very strong and exhibits a high level of liquidity. Our bank maintains a high level of capital, and is well-positioned to weather this crisis.
In times like these, the safety and health of our employees and customers is paramount. With this in mind, please be advised that the bank has taken the following measures to ensure that we are able to continue offering the professional and dependable service that we have always provided:
The bank has initiated enhanced cleaning of the bank’s facilities, with special attention given to high traffic areas such as countertops, doors, teller counters, etc. Tellers have been provided latex gloves and N95 masks to use, if necessary. Employees are instructed to practice good hygiene, and any employee exhibiting a persistent cough and elevated temperature is instructed to stay home. The bank has on hand an ample supply of hygiene supplies such as hand sanitizer, gloves, tissues, water, disinfectant wipes, and cleaning products. Additionally, signage has been placed in various areas of the bank to promote good hygiene.
The management team meets on a weekly basis to discuss potential staffing shortages, cross training, tele-communication strategies and social distancing. The committee also monitors the bank’s compliance with our Pandemic Response Policy, which has been in place for years. Management also conducts weekly meetings with the regulatory agencies that supervise the bank in order to assess any potential problems facing the financial industry.
Management has assessed vendor preparedness to ensure that essential goods and services remain available.
Non-essential travel has been eliminated.
Management continues to monitor the advices from the CDC and Virginia Department of Health. The bank plans to follow all recommendations from regulatory and government agencies in order to protect the health and well-being of our constituents.


Charles R. Ward