Message from the President

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that you will find our website helpful and informative. Let me take advantage of this opportunity to share with you a few reasons that banking with Miners Exchange Bank is convenient, enjoyable and helpful to our local economy.

Banking is an ever–changing environment. Since our bank opened in July of 1982, all of the other local banks in our service area have disappeared. Miners Exchange Bank is the only bank that has its headquarters here in Wise County. We proudly market ourselves as "The Only Bank That Calls Wise County Home". Other banks may have branches here, but even though some of the local staff remained, they are not able to provide the level of service that they once could. Loan decisions, policies and procedures are dictated by individuals who do not live in our area.

Miners Exchange Bank is owned and operated by local people. Our directors, officers and employees live and work in our service area. You can rest assured that the every–day decisions we make are made by people who understand our customers and their needs. We have the flexibility to get you an answer quickly, whether your request is large or small. You will find that our level of service is unsurpassed by anyone in our area.

We have branches conveniently located throughout Wise County. All of our branches offer a full array of financial services that are sure to meet your every need. We provide consumer loans, commercial loans, mortgage loans, home equity loans, checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s, IRA’s, wire transfers, ATM’s, debit cards, on–line banking, online bill pay and just about any other service that you will ever need.

Our staff is both helpful and efficient. We have the technology and experience that will make banking with Miners Exchange Bank a pleasure for you and your family. At Miners Exchange Bank we believe that people make the difference. Services vary little from institution to institution, but the way in which those services are delivered makes all the difference. I can say with confidence that you will like our style of "home–town banking". Come by one of our many convenient locations and let us show you just how accommodating a "real" local bank can be. We will look forward to meeting you!